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UCSF Global Health Group’s Malaria Elimination Initiative (MEI)

MEI Malaria Elimination Toolkit

MEI’s Malaria Elimination Toolkit provides malaria programs and implementing partners with evidence-based, user-friendly tools to strengthen national and district-level malaria elimination programs. Each tool specifies the target user, from surveillance officers and national malaria control program managers to healthcare providers. These tools have been used successfully in countries such as Indonesia, Eswatini, and China—leading to policy and programmatic changes that are accelerating elimination efforts.

Each tool can be downloaded with its own guidance and instructions. Please contact the MEI if you use any of the tools: Laura Newman (Laura.Newman [at] Our team may be able to provide additional support, and we would like to hear your suggestions for improvement. Read more here. 

Malaria Elimination Toolkit

About Our Tools

The Malaria Elimination Toolkit offers approaches that address the challenges confronting national malaria control programs in low-transmission settings. The MEI has built this toolkit around key areas that enable successful malaria elimination and prevention of reintroduction: advocacy, financing, regional collaboration, surveillance and response, and vector control. By supplementing global malaria policy and guidance, these tools aim to accelerate elimination efforts in countries that are paving the way for malaria eradication.