Shrinking the Malaria Map

UCSF Global Health Group’s Malaria Elimination Initiative (MEI)

Ingrid Chen

Ingrid Chen, MS, PhD, is an Academic Coordinator at the UCSF Global Health Group's Malaria Elimination Initiative (MEI). In this role, Ingrid oversees the Single Low-dose Primaquine Rollout Group, guiding milestones for over 50 multidisciplinary stakeholders and leading the design and implementation of Phase II clinical trials in Mali.

Ingrid is trained as an organic chemist working on drug discovery and the total synthesis of biologically active natural products similar to the artemisinins used for malaria therapy. This experience includes two years in oncology as a Research Associate at Ariad Pharmaceuticals including the discovery of Iclusig®, five years discovering methods and routes to synthesize three naturally occurring complex molecules from small building blocks, and one year of drug discovery research on iron-activated antimalarial drug hybrids. Ingrid also has experience with cost-effectiveness analysis, which she conducted on a malaria intervention in Myanmar through the MEI. She completed two postdoctoral appointments at UCSF.

Ingrid has a PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, an MS from UCSF, and a BS from Yale University.