Shrinking the Malaria Map

UCSF Global Health Group’s Malaria Elimination Initiative (MEI)

Lisa Prach

Lisa Prach, MPH, PhD, is a Research Specialist at the UCSF Global Health Group’s Malaria Elimination Initiative (MEI). In this role, Lisa works to critically evaluate Targeted Parasite Elimination (presumptive treatment) compared to Reactive Case Detection (the standard of care) around index cases as a surveillance and response strategy for malaria elimination in Swaziland and Namibia.

Previously, Lisa worked at the California Department of Public Health and at the School of Medicine and the Center for AIDS Prevention Studies, both at UCSF. Lisa has a broad interest in operational infectious disease research and combines field work with statistical analyses in her past and current work.

After receiving a BS from Vanderbilt University in Biological Sciences, Lisa completed a PhD in Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley, studying novel factors involved in tuberculosis pathogenesis. The opportunity to complete part of her thesis research in South Africa introduced her to public health and, following her PhD, Lisa completed an MPH in Epidemiology at UC Berkeley.