Malaria elimination at the 10th anniversary of the East Asia Summit

National leaders from the East Asian region and adjoining countries met in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from November 21-22 for the Tenth East Asian Summit (EAS). Among other agenda items that are of critical importance to the region, including discussions on Islamic State militancy and the disputed South China Sea, leaders also focused on moving the region closer to malaria elimination by endorsing the Asia Pacific Malaria Elimination’s (APLMA) 2030 Malaria Elimination Roadmap. APLMA drafted the Roadmap following public commitment from Asia Pacific leaders to achieving a malaria-free Asia Pacific by 2030. The Roadmap assesses the key barriers to elimination and identifies ways that country leaders can accelerate progress. The six primary recommendations include the following:

  1. Unite national efforts and regional actions;
  2. Map, prevent, test and treat the disease, everywhere;
  3. Ensure high quality malaria services, tests, medicines, nets and insecticides;
  4. Improve targeting and efficiency to maximize impact;
  5. Mobilize domestic financing and leverage external support; and
  6. Innovate for elimination.

Endorsement is a crucial step in moving the Roadmap from recommendations on paper to policies and technical strategies that are being implemented. With just 15 years to go until 2030, there is no time to waste.

For additional information about the Roadmap, read this post EAS press release and/or watch an informative video – both from APLMA.