UK government and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation announce joint commitment of 3 billion GBP to combat malaria

This week [January 25, 2016], UK Chancellor George Osborne and Bill Gates announced a joint commitment of £3 billion to combat malaria and other infectious diseases. The event, held at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, also highlighted the UK’s contributions to critical innovations in the fight against malaria. The UK government plans to invest £2.5 billion over the next 5 years, and the Gates Foundation will contribute $200 million in 2016. Both investments build on the previous Ross Fund that was announced last November.

The UCSF Global Health Group’s Sir Richard Feachem commented on the newly announced joint commitment: “There has never been a time when progress in the fight against malaria has been stronger. Today’s announcement, and the increased UK support to stamping out malaria everywhere, is a major milestone which will accelerate our journey to a malaria-free world. Bravo UK!” For further information about the announcement and event and the £3 billion commitment to malaria, please click here.